PRC HVS Database

Help with the PRC HVS Database

If you are new to Heavy Vehicle Simulators in general, you might want to start at the main Pavement Research Center pages, which have more information on the machines, the instrumentation and the testing programs.

When you first connect to the Pavement Research Center's HVS Database page, you are presented with a web page with some buttons down the left hand side, and two tables on the right. The top table contains details on the last set of readings done by each of the HVSs, to allow quick access to the latest results. The buttons on the left provide a similar function. The main table contains links for every section which is in the database, along with some basic information concerning each section.

If you are tracking the progress of a project, you'll probably find the top table more useful. If you are doing research or model development, then you'll probably find the bottom table more useful. If you're just surfing, then you are welcome to view the public information on the site, but you'll have to obtain a login if you wish access to the detailed information.