CalME: Caltrans Mechanistic-Empirical Tool

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Welcome to CalME. This web application is used to design pavement structural sections using the Mechanistic-Empirical (ME) methodology.

ME design is an iterative process in which trial pavement designs are adjusted repeatedly either manually or automatically based on predictedperformance until an optimal design is reached. A key component of any ME design system is a module that predicts the performance of a given pavement design. This module and the pavement distresses included in it can vary from one ME design system to another, depending on the specific project. In CalME, the module’s predicted distresses include fatigue cracking, reflective cracking, rutting, and smoothness. It is expected that additional pavement distresses will be added in future versions of CalME.

A list of acronyms used throughout CalME is located in the online help system.

You are viewing a legacy version (3.DD001.3) of CalME. A new version of CalME has been released, viewable at