The University of California Pavement Research Center (UCPRC, Davis and Berkeley) and the University of California Institute of Transportation Studies (Berkeley and Davis) are working together on establishing common practices for conducting environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) for pavements. Funding for this work is provided by the California Department of Transportation in partnership with the MIRIAM pooled fund project which is led by the Danish Road Institute (Ministry of Transportation, Road Directorate). This work is being done in collaboration with the International Society for Asphalt Pavements (Asphalt Pavement and the Environment Technical Committee, ISAP APE) and the International Society for Concrete Pavement (ISCP).

The UCPRC/ITS research team will use the results of the workshop to improve the LCA framework and recommended documentation requirements. The focus of the framework and documentation will be for studies to be performed for California, and later for the MIRIAM project; however, they may serve as guidance documents for pavement LCAs performed in any region. A follow up will likely be required to capture similar information for European studies to be performed as part of the MIRIAM project. The final documents prepared by the research team, after incorporation of the workshop results, will be posted for comment and critique by the pavement and LCA communities. The intention of the research team and workshop sponsors is that the results will provide the following benefits:

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