International Symposium on Pavement LCA 2014

Davis, California, USA
October 14-16 2014


This symposium, hosted by the University of California, Davis and the University of California, Berkeley, focused on the implementation of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for pavements at the network and project levels. The symposium/workshop was coordinated with activities of the FWHA Sustainable Pavement Task Group and TRB sub-committee AFD00(1). The objective of the symposium was to review current status, identify the extent of consensus, and discuss future developments for implementation of pavement LCA in North America and internationally. This workshop was a follow up to the 2010 Pavement LCA Workshop held in Davis, California and the 2012 RILEM Symposium on LCA for Construction Materials held in Nantes, France.

Invited presentations summarized current status and questions for various issues regarding implementation of LCA for pavements. Papers submitted by participants were presented in poster sessions to facilitate discussion, and were published in both electronic and book formats. Participants worked in breakout sessions to discuss the objectives listed above.

Symposium Committee

  • Chair: John Harvey, University of California, Davis, Pavement Research Center
  • Chair: Agnes Jullien, Nantes - IFSTTAR, Environment, Planning, Safety and Eco-design Laboratory
  • Imad Al-Qadi, University of Illinois, Center for Transportation
  • Gerardo Flintsch, Virginia Tech, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Arpad Horvath, University of California, Berkeley, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Alissa Kendall, University of California, Davis, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Joep Meijer, The Rightenvironment, Inc.
  • Tony Parry, University of Nottingham, Engineering
  • Wynand Steyn, University of Pretoria, Civil Engineering

On-Site Organizing Committee

  • David Jones, University of California, Davis, Pavement Research Center
  • Laura Melendy, University of California, Berkeley, ITS Technology Transfer Program
  • Samer Madanat, University of California, Berkeley, Institute of Transportation Studies
  • Nicholas Santero, PE International, Inc.
  • Hui Li, University of California, Davis, Pavement Research Center
  • Ting Wang, University of California, Davis, Pavement Research Center
  • Joe Holland, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
  • Deepak Maskey, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
  • Tom Van Dam, Nichols Consulting Engineers

Scientific Committee (PDF)

Young Professionals

A Young Professionals Committee of the 2014 Pavement LCA Symposium was established, which invited researchers under age 35 to submit papers to the symposium. Young professionals were active in reviewing papers, formulating the symposium program, and facilitating workshop discussions. A prize was awarded to the best paper by a Young Professional (Young Professional must be first/corresponding author), which was won by Dr. Imen Zabaar of Michigan State University.