International Symposium on Pavement LCA 2014


Title Authors
Investigation and Analysis on the Two-Year Energy Consumption on Asphalt Pavement in Lu’an City in China Feng LI, Shi-lin WAN, Jian XU, Xiao-pei SHI, Ting-gang LI and Wei Zeng
A Life Cycle Assessment of In-Place Recycling and Conventional Pavement Construction and Maintenance Practices João Santos, James Bryce, Gerardo Flintsch, Adelino Ferreira and Brian Diefenderfer
Longterm Metal Sorption in Pervious Concrete with Ordinary Portland Cement and Fly Ash Liv Haselbach, Jerin Tilson and Cara Poor
Roadprint: Practical Pavement Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) Using Generally Available Data Stephen Muench, Yen Yu Lin, Si Katara and Amit Armstrong
Cradle-To-Gate Life Cycle Assessment Of Recycling And Impact Of Reduced Production Temperature For The Asphalt Sector In Belgium Joke Anthonissen, Wim Van den bergh and Johan Braet
Measuring the Carbon Footprint of Road Surface Treatments Alan Spray, Tony Parry and Yue Huang
Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emission From Highway Work Zone Traffic In Pavement Life Cycle Assessment Ting Wang, Changmo Kim and John Harvey
Road Pavement Maintenance Life Cycle Assessment - A UK Case Study Yue Huang, Fabio Galatioto and Tony Parry
Environmental sustainability assessment (LCA) of PoroElastic Road Surface (PERS) Henrik Fred Larsen
Developing Robust Rehabilitation Scenario Profiles for Life Cycle Assessment Using Decision Tree Analysis James Mack, Xin Xu, Jeremy Gregory and Randolph Kirchain
Assessment of Concrete Pavement Structure on Urban Heat Island Sushobhan Sen and Jeffery Roesler
Comparison of Warm Mix Asphalt and Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement Based on Life Cycle Assessment Shuang Wu and Shunzhi Qian
Scenario Analysis Of Comparative Pavement Life Cycle Assessment Using A Probabilistic Approach Xin Xu, Arash Noshadravan, Jeremy Gregory and Randolph Kirchain
Selected Road Condition, Vehicle and Freight Considerations in Pavement Life Cycle Assessment Wynand JvdM Steyn, Bill Nokes, Louw du Plessis, Rose Agacer, Nick Burmas, Joe Holland and Lorina Popescu
LCA Of Roads Alternative Materials In Various Reuse Scenarios Chantal Proust, Oumaya Yazoghli-Marzouk, Christophe Ropert and Agnès Jullien
Assessing the Role of Pavement Roughness in Estimating Use-Phase Emissions Benjamin Ciavola and Amlan Mukherjee
Life Cycle Analysis using FHWA’s Construction and Maintenance Greenhouse Gas Emissions Estimator Jeffrey Houk, John Davies and Frank Gallivan
Mapping The Excess-Fuel Consumption Due To Pavement-Vehicle Interaction: A Case Study of Virginia’s Interstate System Mehdi Akbarian, Arghavan Louhghalam and Franz-Josef Ulm
ECORCE as an International Pavement LCA Tool: A Study of Adaptations Required for Application in Different Countries Marie-Hélène Tremblay and Agnès Jullien
Life Cycle Impact of Producing Bituminous Mixes with Varying Degrees of Recycled Asphalt Materials Rebekah Yang, Hasan Ozer, Seunggu Kang and Imad L. Al-Qad
Investigation of the Relationship Between Dynamic Axle Load, Roughness And Fuel Consumption Imen Zaabar and Karim Chatti
Comparison of New Pavement Construction GHG and Energy Impacts in Different Regions J.Harvey, A. Saboori, M. Dauvergne, W. Steyn, A. Jullien, H.Li
Life Cycle Assessment of Road Pavements Containing Crumb Rubber from End-Of-Life Tires Angela Farina, Mariachiara Zanett, Ezio Santagata, Gianandrea Blengini and Michele Lanotte
Life Cycle Assessment on Different Types of Asphalt Rubber Pavement in China Haoran Zhu, Haiquan Cai, Jinhai Yan and Yong Lu
Reflective Coating for Cool Pavements: Information Systhesis and Case Study for Life Cycle Assessment Hui Li, Arash Saboori, and Xuejuan Cao