Dedicated to providing knowledge, the Pavement Research Center uses innovative
research and sound engineering
principles to improve pavement structures, materials, and technologies.


  • UCPRC Annual Report 2022-2023 Released
    Posted 2024/06/12.
  • The Sustainable Concrete Lab-to-Slab Initiative launches: UCPRC is excited to announce the launch the Sustainable Concrete Lab-to-Slab Initiative, focused on evaluating low-carbon cements and supplementary cementitious materials beyond the traditional coal fly ash and slag.
    Posted 2024/05/16.
  • UCPRC opens the Sustainable Pavement Program Cooperative Center: Funded by the Federal Highways Administration, this center focuses on building cooperative alliances around sustainable pavement. The center's website will grow as the center does.
    Posted 2024/05/16.
  • FWD Calibration Center open again: The UCPRC-operated Falling Weight Calibration Center is open again. Go to the FWD Calibration page for calendar availability, contact, and other information.
    Posted 2023/12/18.
  • Caltrans IPCP Certification program: Visit Caltrans' Inertial Profiler Certification Program page for updated information on the 2024 program, including their certification schedule.
    Posted 2023/12/18.