Fabrication Facilities

The Pavement Research Center has equipment for the fabrication of both flexible (asphalt) and rigid (concrete) specimens. The PRC equipment list includes:

  • 4 Gilson production sieves
  • Testing sieves
  • Dual-wheel vibratory rolling compactor
  • Pine Gyratory compactor
  • Hveem kneading compactor
  • Ovens from 0.7 cubic meters to 1.8 cubic meters
  • Array of molds for rolling wheel-compacted asphalt specimens
  • Single and double-bladed saws
  • Hobart asphalt mixer
  • Lancaster 1/3 cubic yard concrete mixer
  • Array of molds for concrete specimen fabrication
  • Multiple temperature-controlled curing rooms
  • Humidity room
  • Air-void content and density measurement equipment